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The wall
The wall

Hong Kong Macau Visual Art Biennale

Art Promotion Office, HKSAR

Beijing Minsheng Art Museum

Exhibition Period
31 August 2018 – 6  September 2018

“The Wall” is normally a structural element that is used to divide or enclose. It is a fundamental architectural component that is typically used to divide space into inside and outside; and in building construction, the wall defines the boundary of a space – whereby it is often associated with the limitation of human activity.

By experimenting with this element, and creating a new form of ‘The Wall’, that instead of limiting, becomes a necessary element for connection, our proposal is designed as a paradox. We want to re-create this spatial boundary into a spatial media for interaction; and transform the Wall from a separation tool into a social connector. Ultimately, we hope to use the Wall to find a way to encourage people to mingle more; to not only meet and greet, but also to interact and connect. We want to ‘break down’ the boundary.

間 連
間 連




2018 年 8 月 31 日至 9 月 6 日

“牆” 通常是一種用來分隔或包圍空間的結構,這個建築結構不但可以將空間定義為內和外,更同時能介定了空間的邊界 – 表示著人們在這個空間的活動範圍。
我們透過這個藝術裝置展示出一個悖論 ,把作為間隔的牆壁轉化為一種連系的媒介,把邊界的完結轉化為互動的開始。我們希望人們由分隔變成相遇,再又相遇產生互動和聯系。