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The Channel
The Channel

Revitalization of Bishop Hill Underground Reservoir – Young Architect Award 2020

Hong Kong Institute of Architects &
Asian Cultural Council

Bishop Hill, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Competition Date
Feb 2021

Many existing areas of Bishop Hill have been gradually reclaimed by the surrounding community. Pocket spaces can be found scattered on route, such as ping-pong tables, tea stalls, religious temples and even farms; the community has already collaboratively achieved a creative place-making even without professional planning. While the reservoir should be preserved and revitalized, it is critical to maintain the existing dynamics and unspoken demands of the public; benefitting the community no less than it does currently, Bishop Hill Underground Reservoir is proposed to be opened up as a multi-purpose Community Hall.

While Bishop Hill is currently only accessible through several footpaths uphill, it poses much difficulty for the elderly and the impaired. “The Channel” strategically introduces an elevator and sky bridge that directly connects the reservoir from Shek Kip Mei MTR, and opens up a new entrance to the reservoir and hill top for all. The existing footpath uphill from Berwick Street will also be kept as a main passage, arriving at the location where the reservoir was partially demolished. The proposal reconfigures the demolished portion, making use of the void to become an entrance foyer and exhibition space, showcasing its history while provoking the public to reconsider the necessity of conservation and preservation of heritage. A new pavilion is proposed on the Bishop Hill Mountain Park as a destination to the sky bridge; designed as an annex to maintain basic amenities such as customer service, toilets and a café, to support the people who spend a full afternoon there.

Using a clean and contemporary architectural language that juxtaposes against the original reservoir; The Channel’s design symbolizes a contemporary aquaduct, transporting people to the reservoir and at the same time streamlining their experience, creating a scenic, as well as an iconic passageway.

The Channel
The Channel

主教山食水配水庫活化 — 2020年香港傑出年輕建築師競賽



2021 年 2 月


目前要到達主教山只能通過幾條人行道步行上山,對於老年人和殘疾人士都造成很大的困難。 《The Channel》戰略性地引入電梯和天橋,直接連接石硤尾地鐵站到水庫,為所有人打開了通往水庫和山頂的新入口。 《The Channel》方案亦重新配置了水庫本身,利用遺跡被拆除的空隙成為入口門廳和展覽空間,莊嚴地展示遺跡及其歷史; 慶祝其真實性,並促使公眾重新考慮保護和保存遺產的必要性。主教山公園上亦建了一個亭子,作為天橋的目的地;提供一些附屬設施如客戶服務、廁所和咖啡館等,讓人們可以在這裡舒服地度過一個完整的下午。

特地使用乾淨和現代的建築語言與遺跡做強烈對比; 《The Channel》的設計靈感來自輸水的渡槽,意味將人們運送到水庫,優化了體驗的同時,創造了一條風景優美的、標誌性的通道。