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Tsoi Wai Kuen // Co-Founder and Director
Kuen is an award-winning architect. He was recognized by Taiwan’s “Young Guns” as an “Outstanding Young Chinese Designer” in 2015, and selected by Perspective A&D as one of Asia’s top “40 under 40” in 2022. He was involved in the world-acclaimed “Jockey Club Innovation Tower” project at Hong Kong Polytechnic University by Zaha Hadid, and after establishing AJAR, Kuen has continued to create outstanding designs in a myriad of sectors including architecture, interior design, art installations and exhibition curation. He is also currently a lecturer for the Masters of Architecture at Chu Hai College of Higher Education. Kuen strongly believes that execution is equally as important as design; he enjoys getting his hands dirty and is most at ease on site.

Derrick To // Co-Founder and Director
Derrick specializes in Institutional design. Prior to establishing AJAR, he completed “Block X” for Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and has since continued with building works and installation projects, not only for PolyU, but also the City University of Hong Kong, and other institutional platforms such as MaD Asia. Derrick received an Honourable Mention for the HKIA Young Architect Award in 2018. He takes pride in creating projects for the greater good of the society, and especially enjoys working with NGOs and/or pioneering projects that involves visions for the future. As such, he is also currently an expert in MIC construction. Derrick is an intellectual, placing high value on the more complex forms of aesthetics and philosophical knowledge.

Crystal Yiu // Director and Authorized Person
Crystal is an Authorized Person and a Registered Inspector as well as a Registered Architect. Not only does she have extensive experience in handling government departments, statutory procedures, contract and construction administration works; she also represents the Hong Kong Institute of Architects on a variety of government-related discussions regarding technical affairs and Code of Practices. She is an expert in MIC construction, residential developments and A&A works; and prior to joining AJAR, has substantial experience in elderly homes. Crystal is also an exceptional patissiere and thoroughly enjoys all things culinary.
蔡偉權 // 聯合創始人兼董事
權是一位屢獲殊榮的建築師。 2015年被台灣 “Young Guns”評選為“傑出華人新銳設計人”,2022年被Perspective A&D評選為亞洲(建築室內及產品設計類別)40位40歲以下的傑出人物之一。他曾經參與了享譽全球由Zaha Hadid设计的香港理工大學“賽馬會創新樓”,成立了 AJAR 後,權繼續在建築、室內設計、藝術裝置和展覽策劃等眾多領域創造出色的設計。 他目前也是香港珠海學院建築學系碩士課程的講師。權堅信執行與設計同等重要; 他喜歡親自動手,在現場最為自在。

杜澄興 // 聯合創始人兼董事
Derrick 擅長於公建及教育類項目設計。 在成立 AJAR 之前,他為香港理工大學完成了 “Block X”,此後AJAR亦繼續為理工大學、香港城市大學以及 “創不同” MaD Asia 等其他思考及教育平台進行建築項目及藝術裝置。 Derrick 於 2018年獲得香港建築師學會青年建築師獎榮譽獎。他致力造福社會,尤其喜歡與非政府組織合作 或者涉及任何有關未來願景的開創性項目,因此,他目前也是MIC建設方面的專家。 Derrick 是一位知識分子,他高度重視美學和哲學知識上的學術性研究。

姚淑賢 // 董事兼認可人士
Crystal 除了是香港註冊建築師之外,也是認可人士及註冊檢驗人員。 她不僅在處理有關入則的各種法定程序、香港標準合同及建築管理工作方面擁有豐富經驗; Crystal 還代表香港建築師學與香港政府討論並草擬各種有關技術事務和業務守則的議提。 她是 MIC 建設、住宅開發和 A&A 工程方面的專家; 在加入 AJAR 之前,亦擁有養老院方面的豐富經驗。 工作以外,Crystal 也是一位出色的糕點師,非常喜歡烹飪。