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Tiny Doo Doo Child Medical
Tiny Doo Doo Child Medical


Clinic Interior

Tiny Doo Doo Child Medical

Panyu, China

5,200 sqft

Completion Date

Behind the soft pastel colour gradient lies the redefinition of high-end child medical experience. The ground-level is designed dynamically, offering Child Medical and Child Dental services and features 3 distinctive activity zones: the first with a central curling table for the more reserved children to draw and play quietly; the second encompasses a slide and a toy area for the more energetic; the third is a confined area for young babies that is strategically heightened to allow moms to accompany their babies without straining their backs. In contrary, the first floor offers a more peaceful, static environment for the more delicate young patients, as well as diagnosis rooms and back offices. All glass windows at street level have been concealed to ensure privacy, yet, indoor luminosity is uncompromised by additional artificial lighting on ground floor and windows on first floor. We want to break through the common perception of a monotonous and unstimulating medical appointment, and instead create an environment that will put a smile back on the young faces.