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City Dress Up 2

Development Bureau, HKSAR

Central and Western District Promenade-Central Section

Exhibition Period
April 2018 – August 2020

“Prelude” is effectively a stage – one that is literally designed by its surrounding scenery. Equipped with a concave backdrop that can effortlessly amplify music,

“Prelude” encloses an area for local performances: whether it be art, music or theatre.

The front of “Prelude” is created by a tessellation of mirror-finish triangular pieces, each reflecting the surrounding scenery at an angle and coming together as a distorted collage, encouraging visitors to re-imagine Victoria Harbour.

The mirror pieces at the back reflect the view of the city, and only purposefully ruffled to present HK island’s Ridgeline. We hope to remind visitors that as well as the magnificent view of our Harbour; we have an equally impressive landscape, and together, they create the spectacular geography of the city of Hong Kong.