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ICMCF Experience Hall
ICMCF Experience Hall

International Chinese Medicine Cultural Festival 2017

International Chinese Medicine Cultural Festival

Olympian City2, Olympic, Hong Kong

Exhibition Period
22 – 28 May 2017

‘The exhibition was curated through a series of different installations, in hope that visitors would understand more about Chinese Medicine.

‘Bai-zi píng’

Urban dwellers are becoming less familiar with chinese medicine; due to the pace of the city, even prescriptions have evolved into prefabricated packages and we no longer see the original appearances of the individual ingredients. Through re-interpreting and combining the common glass jar (瓶  –  píng)  and the Baizi cabinet, both of which are symbols of traditional Chinese Pharmacy, we hope to re-introduce the ingredients in their original forms to the public.


The chinese folk tale of ‘Xuánhú jìshì’ is a story about a man selling medicine in a gourd that would cure all types of sickness. Ever since, the gourd has become a healing symbol in Chinese culture. This installation is created by hanging more than 200 small gourds to create the shape of a large gourd, exemplifying the vision of Chinese Medicine, and at the same time, creating a memorable symbol for the International Chinese Medicine Cultural Festival.