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Core of Impatience
Core of Impatience

Movements within a city distribute comprehensively into both Horizontal
and Vertical systems. And there is always a desire to critically conceive the 2 isolated systems as a united ONE.

Time is extremely valuable in city life. While people are put in a situation of “WAITING” which might not be necessary; or in an unforeseeable / uncontrollable threat of waiting or delay, not only the actual TIME that they have lost, but also the PATIENCE, TEMPER and positive PSYCOLOGICAL status.

Value of Time?
In a Travel Characteristics Survey affiliated to the Hong Kong Population Census 2002 conducted by the HKSAR Gov in 2002, office workers were asked for HOW MUCH they are willing to pay in exchange of travelling time to work. The result is HK$ 1.29 /min for each household member with household monthly income greater than HK$40,000.

Impatience Unleased
This is an experiment to streamline and relay the Horizontal traffic and the Vertical traffic of the building CORE. The value of Impatience is completely unleashed and the core and the building is a self-generative monster that shapes itself from the innermost to the outermost. Every step is brutally and critically deduced by its previous step, giving the very first priority to minimize travel time and waiting

The Shape of Time
The core is driven by minimal traffic duration, and as its logical extension, the building boundary is hence, the direct tangible manifest of the shape of time of its own traffic within; while the core solidify itself as the sculptural built of speed, capacity, acceleration and flow. Everybody gets to his desk within the same, minimized, controllable, deducible duration. Time is to be tamed.